Website News – Store in the Works

After working fine for years my RSS feed appears to be broken. Hence all my posts aren’t being picked up in facebook or RSS readers. A frustrating problem I’ll eventually figure out with my friend Google. I think I’m also going to take this time while under the hood to rebuild the site. Once it’s done you probably won’t notice much of a difference appearance wise but things should run smoother.

A big part of that will include finally selling prints in an online store for those that have requested in the past. They’re going to be pro level papers, not just a local drug store and be offered in some decent sizes. I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and it seems that freelance life has slowed enough to allow me to do the research to do it right. It’ll start off small as I test the waters/demand but I’ve got some cool ideas bouncing around in my head. It won’t be quick but it will be quality.

Here’s a peak at the first pic for sale:

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