Big Website Evolution

Photo of Website evolution fireworks in Saint Augustine Florida


Longer post than normal but big step taken today for the site and I’m excited to share it.

Two months after alluding to it you’ll finally be able to purchase prints from the store. I mentioned then it wouldn’t happen quickly but it would be quality. I had no idea then just how much time I would spend researching, working on a solution only to not be happy with it and starting over with a different route.

I was set two days ago to pull the trigger on a store that was a little difficult for you to use and a little more work than I hoped for on me. Than I received an email from local photographer Perry Knotts who knew I was working on a store and came across a solution in his reading.

Back to square one. The scientific method is fun.

Turns out this was exactly the solution I was looking for all along. No changes to the daily operation or look. I’m able to outsource majority of the work and just stay focused on exploring the town and sharing it with you.

You’re now able to hang up a piece of St Augustine in your home, send a card to a loved one, share it with your friends on facebook or with an ecard and even download stock photography to use in advertising or as wallpaper. You’ll see these capabilities in the handful of links below my photos.

Everything I’ve been wanting to provide you with. Plenty of work still to do but a big goal was reached tonight. I’ll be emailing those of you who’ve requested prints in the past with direct links to the images. That’s another goal too, a better way to stroll through the archives.

Thanks for checking the site out, there’s been over 20,000 of ya from 132 countries along with over 800 who see shots daily on facebook. The stat that amazes me is 1,500 of ya have visited my site over 200 times. Awesome.

Thanks, Jak

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