Over a Thousand Posts

Skipped past a thousand posts on here a couple days ago. I’m bad about celebrating such things, still have a few newspaper clippings from last summer to put on here about the site. I work in advertising yet I don’t do it for the site. Is it too late for resolutions?

Trying to be good about always having a camera on me yet still miss shots. Driving back from the Donna Breast Cancer Half Marathon this morning (sooo cold but fun) saw some palm trees just drenched in ice. Apparently the owner never turned his sprinkler off for the freeze last night. Looked amazing.

If there’s any shots you’d like to see on here or more of something let me know, I’ll try to get them in the next thousand. It’s been fun so far and thanks for visiting. Tell anyone you think would dig it and there’s also a facebook page of daily updates.

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