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  1. I drive by this building every day. Can someone comment of the history of this building? What was it. What are they going to do with it now? I notice a crane parked there now that looks like it could be to tear it down.

    1. It was a club slash bar owned by Larry and Laura Adams .. it was for members only .. The families that hung out there were mostly Manucy’s and Adams and family members and friends of members of the club.. I know this because I practically grew up there .. lol

  2. Sadly I'm of little help Ryan, I assume it was a bar but as far as I can remember it's always been closed. Always been curious when I've run by and snagged this shot once. It's a really prominent location for something to move in.

  3. I was just talking to my cab driver about this building last night. He said that in the late 70s and 80s,it was a members-only club that only allowed white members. He said it was a redneck club and that there was a lot of violence. Then he tried to tell me the anti-black policy wasn’t discriminatory, but I shut him down. Anyway,it’s still a cool building with a bizarre history. I would love to see it inside.

    1. Thanks for this reply Kat. Sounds like an interesting history. I do paranormal investigations and would love to check out. The problem is with it being so close to the road there would be a lot of noise contamination. Great photo though!

  4. Wow. Thanks Kat. Never would have guessed any kind of history like that. Can't even imagine the inside after decades of sweltering summers. I'd assume it's seen it's share of squatters over the years too.

    Shaking my head at the driver. The definition of anti-anything would be discriminatory, ha ha.

  5. The club 76 was a white club members only and on the door it did say no blacks allowed but because of the discrimination law the sign was changed to members only .. it was owned by several well known families .. the Adams and Manucy’s and only family and friends of the family hung out there.. there was a lot of violence you name it it happened there.. I know all about this place because I’m a Manucy and I practically grew up there my mom ran the bar and my family practically lived there lol if I wanted to find a family member that’s the first place I would look ..

    1. Hey Paula could you give me a call at (904) 400-8277. I would love to find out who owns it and if they would be interested to sell it!

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