Flaming Lips Concert

Another amazing show last night at the Saint Augustine Amphitheatre. The Flaming Lips will take you to your own children’s show starring giant laser hands, a human hamster ball and more confetti than the Super Bowl. All while playing great music along the way too. Be sure to click through to see a lot more shots of the show. And if you thought about going and decided not, you’re fired. Great time.

Wayne Coyne with a public service announcement about their massive strobe lights before the show.

Band entered through a door in the screen.

Yes the lead singer has a strobe light on his chest while singing with a bullhorn.

They also acquired someone’s crutch from the crowd after demonstrating their healing powers.

Confetti everywhere after the show. Great Times.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful shots to document the show! It makes my fuzzy memories clearer. I can't believe they brought their awesome set into the SA Ampitheatre. I don't think they had it at Austin because of the need for quick transitions between bands. I SALUTE YOU MY BROTHER. (Yes, i realize those people who died, died.)

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