Five Years

Five years ago today was the first post here at St. Augustine Pics. The primary goal for the site was to spend more time exploring the town and using my camera more. In that first post I mentioned hoping to share it with visitors. The graphic below shares the successful highlights.

These numbers exclude some of the 1,330 facebook fans who enjoy the convenience of seeing the pics only there. Also the first month or so I hadn’t set up analytics so it’s excluded. Amazing. Lots of love. (And one piece of hate mail, ha ha)

I’m still discovering plenty of new things so unless it becomes work I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Stay tuned, I’m hoping to celebrate all week. Partially because this snuck up on me and I haven’t done anything for it, ha ha. And thank you for visiting. 5,663 of you have visited the site over 200 times. That really is incredible to me.


5 year Infographic

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